Bean to Heidelberg

Story of Bean to Heidelberg

Bean to Heidelberg records an experience of the coffee excellence. Nestled in Gauteng we roast African beans into carefully selected blend for you to enjoy. A blend that will lead everyone to Heidelberg, the capital of the old ZAR.

Great leaders have been to Heidelberg such as Oom Paul, Sir Winston, Oubaas Smuts, Mahatmar Ghandi and Tata Madiba to name but a few.

They changed history and history repeats itself. Now you can also be part of history as all cups lead to Heidelberg. Bean there, done it, buy our beans to prove it! Whilst you are here, enjoy another cup OR experience our history EVEN MORE…

De Wets Coffee met SKOP or on Eish
General Christiaan de Wet and his brother stayed in Heidelberg. On his legendary white horse, Fleur, he would later conquer the British forces. Celebrate our Irish coffee with a shot of White Horse Whiskey or two. A cup of Fleur-delight.

Give me hope, Johanna
Dr Johanna Brandt, neé Van Warmelo was born in Heidelberg. Our first woman spy wrote letters, kept diaries in her secret citric acid and published books about it. Ironing history she was also our self-proclaimed female prophet. Best remembered however for her Grape Cure to naturally combat cancer. She received international recognition. Grape the cure, it will be good for YOU.

Racheltje de Vries
She was her brothers’ keeper in the cold. Our local Zonnika de Vries, played her in the blockbuster movie Racheltjie de Beer.

Ghandi’s Samoosas & Ale
We celebrate the great Mahatmar Ghandi’s visits to Heidelberg. Generally Indians were imported as porters at railway stations. Enjoy some Indian heritage and culture.

Genl Spruyt Shandy
Our fighting General Cornelis Spruyt was captured and sent in a baggage van, as prisoner of war to Cape Town. He managed to jump from the moving train near De Aar to escape. During the Anglo Boer War he was later fatally wounded and buried in Hero’s Acre in our Kloof Cemetery. Our nursery also celebrate him.

“ The museum is very well organized, and brings back nostalgic memories. ”

“ Takes you back to the good hard old days where everyone in SA had a place. Do take the under ground tour. ”

“ Loved it! Food good. Music good. Service excellent! Covid protocols in place. ”


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Heidelberg Heritage Museum
126 Voortrekker Street, Heidelberg, GP